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lonely mushroom
18 December 2008

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train track
17 December 2008

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Earnest on Sunrise
There's a painting in there, James....

MEC on Sunrise
Beautiful sunset.

Zing on Sunrise
Beautiful sunrise, I want to go to the beach....

Jhon on Sunrise
I love sunrise at the beach... er.. actually anywhere.

EstherK Borneo on fisherman
:-) Yes, a most relaxing shot. Maybe he just wants to "feel" the calm of fishing!

EstherK Borneo on Sunrise
Beautiful, JamesC! Sunrises and sunsets! Two wonders that never cease to soothe and delight me!

Steve Rice on Sunrise
Lovely light here. Nice color in the sky.

hugo poon on Sunrise
How enchanting! Another beautiful moment through your lens! I'm moved to feel...

BOCCONE CLAIRE on Neighborhood ducks
Bonjour! Très belle photo!! Bravo!! Amitiés de France:CLAIRE

Steve Rice on Evening on the beach
Nice evening light.

Jhon on Evening on the beach
Nice beach.. the sand looks soft. Guess the breeze must be soothing.

Jhon on fisherman
Nice shot James, but I have my doubt whether he could catch any fish in this stormy sea. :)

Steve Rice on fisherman
A calm and relaxing scene.

Mohsen on fisherman
Hey,what is he doing ?? :D

hugo poon on Wave watchers
What an interesting scene you've spotted... quite a drama!:-) Perfectly composed and caught!

Steve Rice on Wave watchers
They can get there feet wet a little. Cool shot.

Earnest on Wave watchers
At least they could be barefoot in the sand.... great photo, James.

hugo poon on Can I play?
Lovely scene James! Enjoy both the image and your sense of humour!:-)

Zing on Can I play?
Great framing, lovely colors!

Nazzareno on Can I play?
wow... wonderful capture

Steve Rice on Can I play?
Nice colors!

Earnest on Can I play?

Jhon on Can I play?
Awe... only kids above certain height. Poor girl, she gotta wait for a few years.

Jhon on Proud Warrior
Wow, beautiful yellow hydrant. Never see one like this before. It's lovely James!

hugo poon on Proud Warrior
Hey James, love the tone and its mood very much... beautiful subject and atmosphere! Well seen and perfectly ...

Earnest on Proud Warrior
:)) Braving the rain...

Earnest on Neighborhood ducks
Very pretty scene in that spot, James.

Steve Rice on Proud Warrior
Fairly freshly painted. Proud and necessary, indeed. A cool shot.

grant on Proud Warrior
i like the light on the wet pavement, also the lines zigzagging through here.

Zing on Shu Mai
Yum, I want some. Great shot!

Steve Rice on Neighborhood ducks
They are already growing fast!

Steve Rice on Shu Mai
My very favorite Dim Sum. I love the stuff. :-)

hugo poon on Shu Mai
Oh this is one of my favourite dim sum... so glad I just have had my dinner!:-) Lovely light and DOF!

Jhon on Shu Mai
Awe..... I heading out for lunch now! :)

Earnest on Shu Mai
It looks great from here and was very good when I once had some....

Earnest on Fire Hydrant
With bamboo in the background.....

Steve Rice on Fire Hydrant
Seemingly out in the woods. A cool capture.

Jhon on Fire Hydrant
Hey James, it's such an honour. Thank you so much! Your's look very extraordinary, i like it'. Next time ...

Earnest on Clementis
Perfect color on this beauty, James....

Jhon on Clementis
That something so beautiful in your backyard may only last a short span, but it's beauty now captured in image is ...

MEC on Clementis
So beautiful!

Steve Rice on Clementis
I like that wonderful purple color.

Earnest on Farmer's market
Just a very nice enjoyable and interesting photo, James.

Steve Rice on Farmer's market
A beautiful scene. That musician is cute.

Jhon on Farmer's market
A lively place to be in.. I love to be in that mood!

EstherK Borneo on Smelly tofu
The yummiest! Bad smell, very good yummy taste. :-) Now I feel like I want some smelly towfu.

EstherK Borneo on Red lanterns
I'd like to walk down these streets too! This is very nice, James.

EstherK Borneo on Wine bottles
:-) I've watched LOTSSS of kung fu movies too! Even fantasized I was in them, flying through the air, like ...

Steve Rice on Wine bottles
Super cool!

Earnest on Wine bottles
Interesting info... hope you didn't have too much... :)

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